FGA does work with various middle men aka intermediaries who are in direct contact with these business owners, either via a consulting contract or due to a long standing relationship. Some of these intermediaries include commercial real estate brokers, business brokers, accountants, attorneys, investment bankers, commercial bankers and others.


The reason in some cases that a private business would engage an intermediary is to get the proper guidance, gain access to a wider array of potential buyers and put the pieces of the puzzle together for them. In most cases business owners are savvy enough to work directly with FGA but for a business owner retaining such services is a definite personal choice.


The FGA Intermediary Program allows independent consultants to work with us and make direct introductions to decision makers of both privately held and publicly traded companies.


Falcon Global Acquisitions initiated an Intermediary program in order to allow independent consultants to work with FGA. This would allow direct deals to be brought to FGA without the concern of circumvention by either party.


The deals may be in the area of acquisitions, mergers, commercial real estate portfolios or commodities. It is imperative that all intermediaries have direct communication with the principal of the deal being introduced to FGA.


Independent Intermediaries can contact us about joining The FGA Intermediary program by filling out the contact form on this page

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